Our mission is to improve everyone's business through technology and design. We believe good design and technology is good for every business.

Here at Ethereal Corporate Network Private Limited, we bring your vision and technology together in a way that is truly authentic for anyone who views it. At Ethereal Corporate Network, Private Limited every individual gets an opportunity to discover, expand, and to create a career path that builds us an establishment pushing the limits. We value the diversity of thought and experience that is delivered by a broad spectrum of abilities, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. We believe a diverse workforce is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth, which is key to providing our clients with the best possible service and our employees with the best possible career.

A Design and Technology consulting company with proven competency in Branding, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Product Designing, UX/UI designing, with creative concept development. We successfully explore newer genres, differentiated concepts, and fresh talent.

Ethereal Corporate Network Private Limited, previously known as Corporate Motion Pictures was founded in 2016 as an experiment to create a prototype of a modern design studio. Our team of professionals loves brainstorming sessions with our clients to find out what their needs are; and what they are looking for in a volatile confusing market. Our creative team then huddles together, conceptualize the idea, strategize things and create logistics; and with dedication and commitment deliver the campaign that leaves a deep impact on the people - with results guaranteed. We meet deadlines delivering on time. And at an affordable cost.

Our efforts towards our work have always been positive and we aim at offering unique and innovative solutions keeping in mind your target audience. Our team excels at seamlessly combining the expertise, experience, and innovation to provide you with the best solutions. However, given the rapid pace at which digital trends are evolving, what might be an industry standard at one moment can be displaced the next. This means that for enterprises, simply striving to keep up might no longer be enough, as businesses need to lead the way with new technology in their industries. 

In the extensive field of Information Technology, we provide a wide scope of counsel and expertise to companies at all levels of development. 
However, given the rapid pace at which digital trends are evolving, what might be an industry standard at one moment can be displaced the next. This means that for enterprises, simply striving to keep up might no longer be enough, as businesses need to lead the way with new technology in their industries. 




The Covid-19 - the infectious disease triggered by the corona-virus has been considered as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). This contagious disease tremendously disrupted the socio-economic circumstances of the whole world.

The demand for e-education isn’t confined to only the Covid-19 pandemic, our education planner needs to adopt more technological advancement in the curriculum. Ethereal Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd. is helping institutions smoothen their sudden transition to an online-only teaching format by developing EduPlus+ app to create a virtual institute.
The growing and maturing ed-tech industry encompasses all technology that facilitates learning for kids and adults. That includes classroom assessment tools for teachers, reader-adaptive e-books, and more. Ethereal Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd. envisions a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience. Ethereal Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd. promise to provide the strongest digital Infrastructure for all the coaching institutes associated with it. The EduPlus+ leverages technology to increase the reach and impact of education and workforce initiatives and to enable everyone to thrive and be active, informed citizens in the new digital world.

Currently, the major challenge is to lessen as much as possible the negative impact this pandemic will have on learning and education and construct on this data to get back on a track of speedier development in learning. As education systems cope with this disaster, they must also be thinking of how they can recover stronger, with a transformed sense of responsibility.
 EduPlus+ created by Ethereal Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd. is e-learning platforms that are interactive and can be accessed from home. In this platform, the teaching faculty add their students, upload their lectures, course material, audio instructions, etc. Most of the students who are on the rolls of higher education institutions have smartphones and other devices irrespective of economic health in urban areas, so e-learning methods can hold ground.

EduPlus+ is a platform that allows educators to create online classes whereby they can store the course materials online; manage assignments, quizzes, and exams; monitor due dates; grade results, and provide students with feedback all in one place.

Ethereal Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd. company, in the Indian economy, is playing significant roles in creating awareness of e-learning as an aid to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on education.




Dear valued client, For more than 3 years, Ethereal Corporate Network Private Limited has lived by a core value to "treat every client like they are our only client." This enduring value guides us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19). In the last week of March, we established a multi-functional coronavirus response task and are following the current guidance from the government and local health authorities. During the coronavirus outbreak, our focus is on the safety and well-being of our employees, who are vitally important to support you and your business, as well as the communities where we operate. Our second primary area of concern is the safety and continued service of our clients. We are providing an update on the preventative and precautionary actions taken to date as we focus on health, safety, and business continuity, and being your trusted technology provider of choice. Supporting Our People Our first priority has been to help our clients and partners to keep their teams safe. One way to do this, according to medical professionals, has been to encourage social distancing. Like many of our clients, we have implemented work from home policies to limit our employees’ exposure, but it’s been crucial to do this without compromising the ability to remain connected, productive and work securely. To get clients up and running quickly, we are available on phone calls or on video conferencing software providing support and, solutions and more that have kept newly remote workforces running productively. Regardless of how complex the situation is, you have my full support to do the same for you. The situation we’re all dealing with will likely have a lasting effect on the way we connect with each other and get things done going forward, and we have great teams to help you rapidly scale that effort.Supporting Our Business Continuity Our clients rely on us, our technology, and our people every day, so we have given business continuity a lot of consideration over the years. Since the start of the pandemic, we have made our advice on remote business continuity more widely available on our Supporting Business Continuity site, which gives you access to a number of best practices we employ ourselves and with clients. I hope you find this resource useful. Kindness, patience, and partnership will get us through this and we are here for you.  Stay Safe. Stay Home. Team Ethereal Corporate Network Private Limited




“It’s really important for us to acknowledge that Android is in fact, a large global brand,” said Sydney Thomashow, Google’s lead for brand and creative for Android. “In thinking about the brand, we wanted to make sure that we are as accessible and inclusive as possible.” Thomashow told this to me a couple of weeks ago at Google’s New York City office, where her team has been working on a completely new brand identity for Android. Android’s branding has maintained a fairly consistent look over the last decade, but as the operating system has grown from a few users to over 2 billion, Google has decided it needs to be more inclusive. As I noted above, green isn’t exactly an optimal color for a global brand. The most common form of colorblindness is red-green colorblindness, which can make certain shades of green hard to see. The best way to make green more visible is to mix it with colors that are easier to see, which is exactly what Thomashow’s team did. “[Android] started as a very, sort of limey yellow-green, then it got a little bit darker. And we knew that we wanted to continue to have green in our identity, and for it to be very prominent, but we thought about how might we start to introduce additional colors so that we could help with accessibility,” she said. “We took our existing Android green, and we actually added a little bit more blue into it. What that allowed us to do is start to complement the Android green with other shades of blue.” This move makes sense. Adding blue to Android’s existing shade of green allows the brand to match more closely with Google’s company branding, and gives more opportunity to mix the green with other colors. Thomashow’s team developed a palette of new brand colors to go along with the new Android green, for things like visual assets and packaging. While rethinking how it could make Android’s branding more accessible, Google concluded tasty treat version names don’t work well in a global market. In some regions, people have never heard of KitKat bars. And let’s be real, does anyone really know how to pronounce nougat? While it’s a little sad to hear, moving away from version names to version numbers was the best call. Now, Android Q is officially Android 10. This is a bit sad for the community, which has always loved to guess what the next version will be called. But Google assured me that it will still use internal codenames for major Android releases. Android Q was a bit of a transition period, likely because not many recognizable treats start with the letter “Q.” Regardless, I’d love to know what Google decides to call Android 11 internally. But even with version numbers, Google is maintaining cohesiveness in the wordmark. The new design for Android 10 has the same curve you’ll find in the Android wordmark, referencing the robot. It all feels very similar and should help Android’s brand be much more accessible. “So you’ll even notice in the mark for Android 10, that the same radius that you’ll see reflected in the Android wordmark has been carried through into the number 10. So that number “1” that you see has that same little curve, that same radius, which of course is based on the shapes that you see in the Android robot,” said Thomashow. “In many ways, the Android robot has made its mark in many more aspects of our brand identity.” It’s nice to see Google embracing Android as part of the Google brand. I personally thought it would eventually shift the branding to something along the lines of Google OS. That’s still possible, but Google seems to be leaning into Android for now. The dessert naming scheme might be disappearing from products, but the core OS is still the same Android we’ve always loved.




Smart gadgets have been in use for home automation for a while. However, with IoT enablement, their scope has extended tremendously to cover a range of functions. 1. Smart Homes Currently, home automation systems operate on voice commands, but in the future, they could evolve into intelligent systems that know what to do even in the absence of human voice commands. Their smart technology could extend their functionality to a range of actions that offer unmatched convenience. 2. Home Security While advanced home security systems of today have the capability of remote monitoring and safety alerts, with technological advancements, these systems will come with advanced capabilities such as fences with motion sensors that alert homeowners about unusual intrusions (as opposed to false alarms every time the pet jumps over the fence) and drones that automatically activate, based on an alert, to follow the intruders and monitor their actions. 3. Network Infrastructure In the smart home of the future, the increased number of intelligent devices will require improved network infrastructure. Gadgets need to be always connected so that they can work when needed, thereby increasing dependency on a reliable and stable Internet connection. Wi-Fi mesh or other self-configuring networks that allow multiple devices to connect to it and detect and resolve connectivity issues before it reaches the customer complaint stage will provide a more reliable smart home network in the future. 4. Personal Health & Fitness For monitoring health-related needs of every resident within the home, devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart scales and wearables such as smart clothes can help to track fitness and wellness to improve quality of life by continuously monitoring health information and updating personal fitness benchmarks. Advantages of Internet of Things (IoT) in Home Automation 1. Self-sufficient IoT enabled home automation systems can optimize available resources such as energy and water, making the home more self-reliant through water harvesting or harnessing energy from alternative sources such as solar or wind power. 2. Cost-effective While smart appliances cost significantly higher than conventional ones, by automatically regulating the thermostat or air-conditioning, switching off lights when they aren’t needed or even dimming lights based on the time of the day, they help to save energy, thereby contributing to cost savings in the long term. 3. Energy-efficient Smart homes go beyond mere energy saving to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to homeowners with features such as intelligent heating, sensor-activated stoves, water-conserving showerheads and other devices that minimize the use of energy within the home. 4. Provides Better Quality of Life With a higher degree of personalization, smart homes automate several actions, leaving homeowners with a lot more time on their hands to do what they enjoy. Moreover, since they work on voice commands, they can significantly benefit people with disabilities or even older adults or young children who find it challenging to operate appliances.




A bold and stylish logo is important for attracting potential clients to the business. Distinct, graphic and practical, it should convey the intended message of the company, because the concept behind the work of the firm is presented through a descriptive logo. For a brilliant logo to be made, one must go through a process of designing which should include at first a brief of the design, then a research should be conducted on the industry, references should be taken from current styles and trends from the market, sketching and conceptualization of how the logo should actually look like must be done and then finally the design must be revised and positioned for a better view. As seen in history, the most successful logos are the simplest, from Nike's single swoosh to Apple's concise design; Logo's should communicate a Brand's personality. Being relevant and timeless is one more feature of great logo design. A primary factor is the use of colors in your logo, if symbolic, which can trigger different emotions and show the Brand's personality to the consumer. The second important factor is the font which is used in the logo. More angular and thin fonts are ideal. A company can't keep changing its logo, hence the design should be something, which stands out from the park and endure the ages. Last, but certainly not the least, a good logo is only perfect when it is versatile!WW